Top Home Based Businesses and Marketing Secrets That Can Make You More Money

Leads Lists

As anyone in network marketing already knows, keeping a hot and up to date leads list is by far the most difficult task regarding home based businesses. In order to earn money fast enough to support yourself and your business, there are a few marketing secrets I’ll share with you here.

Top Tier Approach

More and more people are turning to the Top Tier approach to network marketing. By funneling resources into getting new customers as opposed to new reps, your money and time are freed up to focus more on the actual marketing. These types of home based businesses can greatly improve your financial success.

5 Ways to Finding New Customers

1. Direct mailing campaigns are regaining popularity. Although it can be somewhat costly, purchasing a targeted mailing list of your desired demographic can be a fantastic way to uncover new leads. Keep in mind the costs include the mailing list, the printing of the mailer, and the actual postage.

2. Advertising in local newspapers and magazines is a tried and true method. Be prepared to run your ad for awhile before getting any responses. Spend your money wisely but avoid the free papers which rarely bring any new business and can leave you feeling frustrated. If you are really cash-strapped, consider a classified ad instead.

3. Locate a trusted vender and purchase a leads list from them. Anyone in your upline has probably already done so and can give you the names of reputable venders. A little more expensive than generating your own list, this is a great way for a beginner to get a much-needed boost.

4. Online advertising can be an excellent way to market your business or services. Banner ads can be purchased from online magazines that are related to your niche. Search engines offer pay per click advertising programs that you can also use to target your potential leads.

5. There are tons of online directories each dealing with a specific niche market. Do a little digging and find ones to submit your site with. This can help you find direct leads and it also creates some good backlinks.


The key to any success is balance. Before taking on any home based businesses marketing methods, figure out what your overall advertising budget is and balance that against the most effective methods. Balance your money, time and results to optimize your efforts.

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