How To Increase Your Store Traffic With Direct Mail

Store owners, both large and small know and understand the value of a full fledged marketing initiative. They know that it is the first step in bring people through your store doors. However, with that being said, it is important to understand that your marketing campaign cannot be limited to just one vehicle. It cannot be simply online, nor can it be simply offline. It must encompass all marketing channels in order to effectively get your message across. One particular under used, yet very effective marketing tool is direct mailing. Direct mailing enables you to simply mail your marketing collateral to a full list of people without even doing the work. Below are three tips to ensure that you get the most from your direct mailing campaign.

High Quality Lists – The first objective to your direct mail campaign should be to get a high quality list. Lists can either be researched by you, or they can be purchased through a list provider. In fact, many times people can also purchase the list from the printer themselves. When they are acquired, you can usually purchase a list based on several demographics thereby streamlining your marketing initiatives.

Printed Marketing Collateral – The marketing collateral itself should speak to your target demographic. It should not only embody your brand, but also strike a thought process within the recipient. So be sure that the design is bright to call attention, the copy is casual in order to seem conversational and the focus narrow enough in order to get your message across. This will help in getting your message across as well as give you an opportunity to connect with your customers at their home.

Timing – Make sure that the timing of your direct mailing is strategic. The best mailing days are usually on Saturday or Monday. This will ensure that your mailing distributed by the beginning of the week, while also avoiding the bulky Monday mail clutter. Simply be sure that your direct mailing service promises some deadlines as to when it will be mailed. This will help in ensuring you get your mailing out in a timely process and also help in determining the best times to send it for future mailings.

When you are done, it is important to track the success of your direct mailing efforts. This will help in streamlining future efforts, as well as help in other marketing initiatives for your local store.

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