Basics of Online Marketing and Wealth Building

There is no question that the internet is the new frontier of business opportunities. Millionaires are being created every day. With record web traffic and all the tools available to help one make a go of it, you too can become an internet millionaire or at very least a successful internet entrepreneur.There are some basics however you need to understand and keep in mind.First and foremost is to have a vision. Get clear on why you want this to work, be as vivid and specific as you can with your vision. If things get rough, confusing and frustrating (and they most certainly will at some point) hold onto your vision. It is this vision that will keep you on track, even during the rough timesOK here are some nuts and bolts of online marketing. This may sound basic but in order to be successful as an internet entrepreneur, you have to be able to drive traffic to your website or product… Secondly, you need to convert that traffic into sales. This article will focus primarily on driving traffic to your website or product partner.Driving traffic to your site or product partner can be done in basically two ways. Paid and free methods. Both work and which one you choose will depend solely on your marketing philosophy, budget and skills. Paid methods, while costing money take much less time, where as unpaid methods, while costing nothing in terms of dollar and cents require a much greater time commitment.Here are a few examples of both. In terns of using methods for driving traffic to your product or website in the “paid” category : Pay per click advertising, a few proven techniques are: Keyword ad creating, Keyword positioning for search exposure, search, co branding, joint venturing, paid advertising, email marketing, direct mail, email list purchasing, on line classifieds, paid sign up, Paid display,shareware, rich media, text ad, test link, ad sponsored review to name a fewIn terms of “free” ways to drive traffic to your website or product, a few proven techniques are: using social networks. (YouTube, MySpace, Craig List) video plastering, key word article distribution. Forums, bogs as well as more traditional public relations techniques such as contributing interviews and articles to build your brand through Value added information sharing channels.I always recommend beginning at places you go. Where you find your natural energy and talents and branch out from there.I hope this introduction has been helpful. In future articles I will cover ways to convert web traffic into sales, using social networks for building your business and time management strategies.

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