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Know Your Directions to Direct – How Your MLM Prospects Maneuver Your Success in Network Marketing

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Multi-level marketing prospects are basically the distributors and market. At a quick look, they are really hard to find. Looking for prospects is costly and critical and winning them is even more. With stiff market competition and emerging economic crisis, an average product or service could hardly get one prospect with average multi-level marketing.

Before winning these prospects, you have to identify your target prospects first. The process should often be systematic, not random. Though a regular principle, clarifying a business vision and direction still is a necessary first move. Prospecting process can simply be a systematic listing of personal contacts and sales areas.

Concretely anchored on business direction, ask the following to find your multi-level marketing prospects: What is the target market-babies, kids, teens, adolescents, adults, seniors? What is the specific market demographics, specifically, sex, income group, civil status? When these are questions are answered, ask then the following: What is the sales target? How many distributors are needed? What are their qualifications and competencies?

This systematic process will eventually facilitate an efficient use of your business resources. This is even more required if your business is small. The process would also direct your multi-level marketing strategies. It will inform you the appropriate multi-level marketing platforms and content. It will advise you the right magnetic sponsoring approaches, appropriate website content, effective product packaging and advertising. It will also tell you organizational development plans-what training is needed for your distributors and sales force to be sell more and stay for the business. The process would also tip business of product development and new markets.

Avon clearly know this process. Proof: they know their market (women) and have very feminine multi-level marketing strategy (largely women distributors, inspiring women endorsers like Reese Witherspoon and light marketing format). Now, their business operations are sustained and exploring product diversifications. They now are producing apparels for men and children.

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Market Research – Sourcing Information for Your Small Business

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OK, you acknowledge your need to undertake detailed market research on which to develop both your overall business strategy and your sales and marketing strategy, but the big question is where do you source this information? Let’s take a look at the type of market research available and where you are likely to be able to locate it.

There are three main sources of market research, they are secondary sources, primary sources and expert sources.

Secondary Sources

Secondary sources are those sources of information that have been collected previously by other individuals or organisations. It is important when you source secondary information that you assess whether it is an appropriate fit for what you are researching and whether it is current. Secondary sources of information can help you to identify other sources of information, it can help you to get an overall picture of your market or it may provide more detailed information on a specific segment of the market.

In Australia, the Australian Bureau of Statistics is a key source of information, much of it for free or at minimal cost. Industry bodies and associations may also be a good source of industry level information. They usually provide the information for free to members but may charge a small fee for non-members. Libraries can also be a good source of statistical information but is often reference material that cannot leave the library, so be prepared to stay and write it down.

Government departments are also a good source of information. Much of their research is now readily accessible on their websites, and if it isn’t, a quick phone call can help you identify what other information is available. You can arrange to have a copy of the appropriate research paper sent to you.

Other sources of information are industry conferences, business newspapers and magazines, Austrade, trade journals, professional associations, banks and university research reports.

Primary Sources

Primary sources of information is information you gather direct from the source. This information is more time consuming to gather but it does ensure that you have information that is directly relevant and timely. There are many ways of collecting primary information such as direct observation, surveys and questionnaires, which can be conducted face-to-face, on the phone or online. Sales tests, focus group discussions and personal interviews are other ways to gather primary research data.

When conducting primary research you need to be prepared and be very clear about what it is you wish to know. You need to keep the questions short and specific and very clear. Make an effort to eliminate any possible ambiguity. You need a process by which you collect and record the answers that doesn’t rely on memory and try not to cover too much ground as you will lose the interest of your interviewee. Also you need to ensure that the people you survey are a direct reflection of the market segment you intend to target and that you ask an adequate number of people.

Expert Sources

Experts are usually an excellent source of information or they can help to point to possible sources of the information you require. Possible sources of expert research include small business advisory centres, consultant researchers, industry experts, chambers of commerce, shopping centre management, banks or your accountant. Universities are often contacted by third parties to undertake research on their behalf and make this information public at the completion of the studies.

Once you start looking in the right direction, you are sure to find a plethora of information, but the trick is to identify the real value and relevance of the research to what it is you are researching and determining whether the information is current enough to still be useful. Primary research is fantastic for filling in the gaps and to obtain more detailed information which is directly relevant to your small business.

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High Yield Investment Opportunities In US Real Estate Market

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Do you remember those days of the mid 70′s to early 90′s when US economy was hugely suffering from economic depression? The pressure was huge on the real estate market. And if you look at some of the latest media coverage on different newspapers, you would surely sense that another mild depression is about to hit the US real estate market. And this is the latest buzz in different discussion forums powered by some schools of economists.

However, as days are passing the buzz is growing and gathering more mass around it and getting a bigger face. Some economists rightly said that the negative hype created by the media on the impending recession may have created the actual incident; as they put it – ‘self-fulfilling prophecies’.

The buzz started showing up the effect almost throughout the year of 2006. New house constructions dropped by 14.3% in January and the data were delivered by The Commerce Department.

And now they are predicting that the mortgage industry is going to suffer from the depression in 2008. To some extent, it is true. The mortgage industry works in close proximity of general people. And when the media houses strike the panic button the wave directly catches the general people and small investors.

The reason is simple, they do not have huge amount to invest and the media houses do not give them enough reason to keep their faith on mortgage brokers. There are huge hiccups in the market and people are losing their jobs, houses (if you look at the data, most of the people who are losing their houses are sub-prime borrowers) and foreclosures are setting newer records every other day. The direct effect on the market is making people scared – more and more.

However, if you look to the whole scenario, you will see that it is a high time to invest in the real estate market. Exactly, it is a high time to invest on real estate market. And if you are clever enough, you do not need some huge amount of liquid cash to investment.

If you are a member of an investment club, ask any member and they will say that real estate market is a juicy zone for high yield investments. Even if you trace the historical data, whenever there had been a disruption in the market, some people made huge fortune by investing speculatively on the so called dead market.

If you have cash in hand there is nothing like it; simply move ahead and talk to some investment advisors and move forward to a golden future. This is the time to play with your money and hook the super deals when frightened or insolvent sellers are ready to give away their properties just for anything.

Just think about a simple thing – when so many people are selling their properties, there would surely be some people who are buying them. Are they doing any charity!

Of course not, most of them are highly experienced real estate investors who look for such ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunities. They would not only buy those properties, they would invest more on their development and sell them when the market is running high.

But what is here for those who do not have liquid cash to invest on the market? You can easily move with self directed IRA or invest in direct participation mortgage fund []. Your savings for future can earn more than you could even imagine and at the same time you will not need to curtail your present lifestyle.

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IV-7 Direct Review

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IV-7 Direct is the direct selling side of Richmont Holdings in Dallas who own all distribution rights to the patented germ killer “IV-7″. The chairman and CEO of Richmont is John Rochon who has more than 30 years’ experience in sales and marketing and was the force behind the growth of Marky Kay Cosmetics and Avon. IV-7 Direct have just one product at the moment which is the powerful anti germ spray which is claimed to kill 99.9% of bacteria, fungi and viruses within 30 seconds. Other selling points of the product are that its germ killing properties continue for up to 24 hours, there are no harsh chemicals in the list of ingredients, and no rinsing is required after use. Suggested uses are high traffic areas such as schools and hospitals where germs have the potential to spread really quickly.

IV-7 Direct claim their product is so revolutionary that they don’t want to put it on supermarket shelves instead they want to employ Independent Business Owners (IBOs) to sell the products for them and also enroll new members to do the self same thing. The compensation plan is a unilevel binary system and three are three points of entry. These are silver, costing $200, gold, costing $400 and platinum which costs $800. In addition there is a one time fee of $49.99 for the cost of the website that is supplied to you. The replicated website serves as a marketing tool as well as an online store. The company pays out numerous commissions and bonuses including weekly commissions, matching bonuses, generation bonuses and leadership bonuses up to 7 levels deep. In addition to enrolling new members, an IBO can buy product at wholesale prices and earn 30% commission on their retail sales.

So as a money making opportunity, are IBOs likely to reap a lucrative income? IV-7 Direct is a new company who at present only have one product on offer. The Chairman John Rochon has a proven track record in sales and marketing which stands this opportunity in good stead and the product seems pretty good too. However, an individual has to enter this business with the mindset that it is all about marketing with the emphasis being on sell-recruit. The person with commitment, perseverance and good marketing and leadership skills, should be able to succeed in most MLM businesses but this shouldn’t be viewed as an easy work from home opportunity.

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Direct Selling – An Option That Works

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If you’re the type of person that have enough free time and want you spend it in a more productive way then it’s a perfect opportunity for you to engage in direct selling. This can be a great way to passively earn an income even though you’re not working on an 8 to 5 job. It is true that many people became rich due to direct selling; however, it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of effort and some time to make you stable with the business.

Direct Sales opportunities through Multi-Level Marketing

One of the most important components of the Direct Selling Industry is on multi-level marketing or network marketing. It has proven to be an effective method in distributing services and products directly to consumers.

Multilevel marketing is simply considered as a method of compensating and organizing salespeople in business of direct selling for the training, motivating, management and recruitment of person who will sell the companies services and products.

Direct selling uses tactics such as demonstrations, phone calls and presentations by independent direct salesperson. It can also be described as the selling of services and products directly to consumers in a face to face approach, either at their workplace, their homes, the homes of others and other places that is not of the stable retail locations.

Benefits you can acquire in direct selling

Through direct selling, the salesperson receives compensation in two ways. They earn from the payment they receive from consumers who bought their services or products. And secondly, they can earn through the compensation of the person they have recruited into the plan who also sells the products and services. But there’s more, the salesperson can also get a percentage of the compensation earned by the network recruited by those they have personally recruited. Thus, it offers direct sellers the opportunity to build an independent business venture and train network of direct sellers to do the same.

Direct selling, at its best, can be an opportunity for persons to gain financial independence, express their entrepreneurial talents and find fulfillment. But when direct selling is abused, it can become a type of pyramid scheme.

Tips to consider in finding the best Direct Sales opportunities

If the world of direct selling is what really interest you then you would probably want to know where to find such opportunities. If you patiently search the Internet, you would find out that there are a lot of choices to choose from. It is important to narrow your search and come up with the best list of opportunities.

Here are some tips you can used in order to narrow down your search in finding the best direct selling opportunities.

It is important to consider the location of the company. Since direct selling companies are scattered everywhere, you should choose companies that are within easy reach. In this manner, you can check the stability and the credibility of the companies because you can physically visit the company and you can ask question to the company staff. You can also ask your family and friends who have already tried the products and services offered by the company.

Secondly, it is important that you are interested with the product or services that you will be selling. It will not be difficult for you to do sales talk because it is familiar to you and you’re convinced that the products and services you are offering have quality.

Lifestyle is an important thing to consider in choosing a direct selling business. Travelers who would like to engage in direct selling can do business by just using their laptop and do direct selling online. If you’re a mother, you can also do direct selling online. This will enable you to have time for your family.

In any kind of business, it is necessary to invest money into direct selling. But don’t worry; little investment is needed to start a small direct selling business. However, the potentiality of having a lucrative business in the future can be great. It is better to start in a small business in order for you to experience and know every step of the process.

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