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Much to Consider When Choosing Your Marketing Supplier(s)

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As a small business owner/operator, you are likely very good at making your product or providing your service. You may not have much experience, knowledge or even interest in marketing. However, you know you have to do something. In order to survive or even thrive in this ever changing, highly competitive marketplace, some action is better than no action.

You can find assistance working with various types of marketing professionals. They come in all shapes and sizes – from experts in websites, SEO, blogs, backlinks, social networking and email to writers, designers, printers and strategists. They operate as individuals, in an alliance of smaller two and three person shops, or as multimedia and ad agencies.

Today, more than ever, small business needs lead generation (finding new customers) and business development (building up current customers) tools. At the small business stage, marketing tools usually take the form of an internet presence, email, blogs, social networking activity, business cards, letterhead, brochures, flyers, newsletters, posters or advertising.

You can find suppliers to help you with acquiring prospect (potential customers) lists, database development and management, contact management software, lead generation and sales presentation tools, all internet related activities, telemarketing, direct marketing, sales training, marketing planning, strategic planning, strategic alliances, and the list goes on.

At the early stages of a small business, it is more likely that you will act as your own Marketing Manager. The alternative is to hire a qualified marketing person as your outsource Marketing Manager. It is similar to hiring an accountant to help with your bookkeeping and banking, or a contractor to help build an addition to your home.

1. Determine your needs either on your own or with the help of a professional. When I meet a new prospect for the first time, I ask the question – How can I help you get what you want? Make sure you know what you want to achieve. Be open to new ideas for reaching this goal.

2. Open your business to a supplier. Don’t make them guess at the information. No one can help you if they do not have the whole picture.

3. Develop a short list of suppliers. Do not rush to work with the first one that sounds like they can help you. Be wary of the “I can do it all myself”, or “I’m selling this particular method today” suppliers. Interview at least three suppliers.

4. Think activities through. Look for the suppliers that ask good questions – see below. If you do not have the answers to their questions, the supplier should help you find them.

5. Clarify the job, and make sure you have an agreement in writing. Every prospect I meet has at least one story of a less than productive experience with marketing, and it is not always the fault of the supplier. Understand your own experience. Be realistic and above all be clear on your objectives.

6. Be open to suggestions. After all, you are seeking out the help of a professional who has had more marketing experience than you. They may not know your market as well as you but they should have some ideas you may not have considered.

7. Work with them at every stage in the development of your marketing tools. Learn as much as you can for the next time and make certain these tools represent your company as accurately as possible.

8. Pay for what you need when you need it. This is much like working on your home. You might need to paint a room or build an entire addition. Determine what you are going to do, and then hire the best people you can find. Make sure you are comfortable with them as people and confident in their abilities. Your future depends upon it.

I have lost more sleep than I care to remember because I selected a supplier who did not or could not do what they promised. If your instincts tell you something is wrong, check it out. Talk to friends and business associates who have had more marketing experience than you or have developed a similar marketing tool. Call another supplier and discuss the project to get a different perspective. (You should have discussed this job with at least three potential suppliers before making a selection.)

QUESTIONS A SUPPLIER SHOULD ASK – The more information a supplier has, the more effective they can be in helping you reach your goals.

1. What is your real objective (what you are trying to achieve)?
2. What strategy will you employ (how you are planning to do it)?
3. What is your budget?
4. Clarify your target group(s), and be aware that your target group is not everyone. Find out who is actually buying your product or service. Is it the president or the shipper making the real decision?
5. What are your sales objectives? Are they realistic? Do you have staff to reach these objectives?
6. How does your product or service stand up against the competition? Who is your competition?
7. Why is your product or service different and why should I buy it?
8. Are you open to new ideas?
9. Is your desire to do marketing, short-term or long?
10. Are you looking for a long or short-term supplier relationship?
11. What marketing experience or existing materials, (for this product/service), do you have?
12. What past marketing successes or failures have you had with the product or service under discussion?


1. What exactly is your marketing supplier going to do for you?
2. How long will it take?
3. How much will it cost?
4. How do the services they offer fit in to the total marketing program?
5. What additional services can they provide – either directly or through associated companies?
6. Who will be working with you directly? Is it the person you are meeting now or someone else?
7. Are there going to be any additional costs?
8. What if the supplier goes over budget/estimate, are you liable?
9. What do they know about your industry?
10. How much experience have they had in your industry?
11. Do they think your expectations are realistic?
12. Can you see their past work?
13. Can they supply recent references?
14. What type of clients do they specialize in?
15. Do they offer a guarantee?
16. What rebates or discounts do I qualify for?

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Twitter Marketing Strategy For Your Online Marketing Plan

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Twitter, the social micro blogging site is considered to be one of the fastest and easiest ways to get thousands of targeted traffic to a site. However, you would be happy to know that, with this micro blogging social networking site, you can get a huge number of sales. Since, web traffic is the number one source of your online sales; you have got to focus on twitter marketing strategy. You would be glad to know that, in this article, I am going to tell you twitter marketing strategy for your online marketing plan.

When marketing yourself or your business on the internet, Twitter would be a great addition to your marketing arsenal. With over 105 million Twitter users, and 300,000 users signing up with Twitter daily, Twitter is a must for marketers.

The more followers you get on twitter, the more visitors you get on your site. Getting thousands of followers is the prerequisite of getting thousands of web visitors to your website. So how to get more followers on you twitter account?
Many internet marketers seem to create their accounts by their website name. Well, people love following individuals rather than following a website on twitter. Just create a twitter account with your name and try to interact with your followers. On the other hand, send direct message to them, reply their queries and retweet some of the tweets.

On twitter you shouldn’t do anything spammy. Follow your targeted audiences on twitter and some of them will follow you back. The best option here is to choose a successful internet marketer who has thousands of followers. Just go to his followers section and start following. This strategy is really great since you are adding targeted web traffic.

Whenever, you add a new blog post on your site, try to shorten the URL of your post and tweet that. Make sure that your tweets are catchy so that they could attract your followers.

Another strategy to get more followers is to put a twitter sign on your blog, so that your site visitors can directly follow you. Focus on branding your twitter page. Add your website URL, about me on your twitter page so that your followers can get a quick access to your site. Nevertheless, try to spice up your twitter page by changing the default theme.

Therefore, I can say that, if you really want to get thousands of twitter followers and get huge sales, you have got to follow the twitter marketing strategies. However, try to follow your targeted audiences, interact with them, send direct messages to them and reply their queries. Don’t be just spammy.

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Internet Marketing and Strategies

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If you want to grow your sales, reach a wider audience then better try internet marketing. Internet marketing is used by companies to market their products or services on the internet. They use all available resources on the internet to make their company popular and surpass competitors.

This marketing technique works by promoting your website to other users of the internet. Making your site popular will grow your revenue a lot better. Relying on expensive television ads will not be as effective as using online marketing. In this marketing technique you can reach a wide and variety of audience in days. Internet marketing techniques is so effective and inexpensive. There are things you need to know before starting your marketing campaign. You can choose from, perform banner promotions, and generate targeted online traffic and positioning your content. Either of this techniques is an effective way to drive traffic to your site, but choosing the right one that fits you is a critical factor.

Social media marketing is one of the famous techniques use by companies to promote their site. Social media marketing is all about interaction. You need regular updates and interact to the people who visit your site. In that way you establish a good relationship to your potential client. This will be a great opportunity for you to share information and promote your site.

Online marketing, men and women have different perspective in the use of internet. If your sites sell products for men see to it that its content is appropriate for your probable customer. Men likes to pick up anything they want and go directly to the cashier, so make your site direct to point to avoid your possible customer from reading a lot of product details before they can purchase. See to it that it is direct to the point description and make it short. Unlike women who like to browse, read product description thoroughly before making a purchase, your site should have a different approach. It should have more product description and update your list regularly.

Submit article into web 2.0 sites. This will greatly benefit your site. Web2.0 sites have a high page rank in search engines. Submitting your links to a site with high page rank is other way of internet marketing. This will make your site on the upper list of a search engine’s result. Search engine optimization will make your site on top of your competitors.

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The Marketing Smoothie Recipe For Older Adult Services

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Take your direct mail, your advertising, your website, Facebook page, special events and put them all in a blender. Combine, mix on high and serve immediately. The rich flavors will create a marketing masterpiece worthy of your finest efforts. Yields: New customers. Will keep for at least one year.

It’s true, every ingredient you add to your marketing mix is going to enhance the effectiveness of your campaign especially when you combine them and let them work together to support each other. This is especially true when appealing to older adults. Seniors usually read direct mail and watch or listen to commercials, hence the expiration date for these mediums is further out than say, print advertising. That.5% response rate you get with direct mail may bring people to your community, your store or your website. Use it wisely because it is quite expensive; however, it can boost interest and awareness about your organization when you promote your website, blog, Facebook, etc., in the mailed piece (email or snail mail).

Special events are a great place to have people sign up with their email addresses. Offer something for free, or an opportunity to win cash or a give-away and you’ll get more email addresses. Take your online magazine or website on the road — to senior fairs, to trade events, anywhere you can. Then let people see what they can learn, enjoy and gain value from by participating in your online activities.

Of course there’s a menu of options for those folks who like to consume the latest communications trends of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs, too. First, connect your Facebook page, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn accounts via any one of a number of new social media management services that are often free. Then link all of that to your website. Connect the paths among all these accounts to your blog or online magazine, to reputable referral sites and of course, your RSS Feed. Promote your events on your site, within these accounts, offer special discounts, etc. via these mediums. You can even try pay-per-click advertising on search engines and referral sites.

In your monthly statements or newsletters, provide links and special advantages to using your organization’s online tools. Use signage throughout your venue to promote your online and make it worth a prospect’s while to seek out your business on the Internet.

Online strategies are far less expensive overall and are proving to be about 60% less per lead than traditional tactics. However, a slow but steady shift of funds and efforts away from the traditional methods into the online is a far more successful way to reach the older adult market. Use the next year or two to change your lead-generating diet to mostly online.

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Business Email List Marketing – Make it a Direct Mail List

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In the face of immense advancements in other methods of internet communication like web conference and podcasting, e-mail still remains topmost activity online, in personal as well as business communication. As per recent researches, nearly 71 percent of web surfers send and receive e-mails at least two times every week. The use of e-mail takes the limelight of other famous online activities such as shopping, social networking, music download and blogging. Communication through email is quite simple, compose, enter the email address and click on send button. If one has opt-in or subscription list for the business, they already have email list. However, if one wishes to create an effectual business email list, then one will need to utilize it just like direct mail lists.

If one creates the marketing plan and setups with business mail list whilst considering the mindset of direct mail-list user, one can create more effectual e-mail marketing campaigns. There are special email management tools that will permit one to create unrestricted number of business email lists. One will no doubt take benefits and look for various ways for individuals to recognize their particular area of interest. Citing an example, one has online fishing related business and offers own products, in addition to many affiliate products. In place of having just one ‘opt-in’ webpage about fishing to get names and create own business email list, one can create targeted pages for small fishing categories like fly-fishing for women, trolling methods for fishermen and more.

Now that one has several business email list that one created using the principals of direct mail, the next step involves continuing to advertise to every list. One will need to offer the mix of most relevant offers and information within narrow concern the prospects showed when they first chose the list. There is no need to send details on stream fly-fishing to individuals who chose to know more regarding trolling strategies lakes, they will simply overlook it.

Basic tips on Business Email List

One should follow all e-mail addressing rules, which implies one must follow laws and rules that preside over email usage in that particular state, country or industry. The corporate world is becoming transparent today, but e-mail communication must remain confidential and private. Furthermore, the communication should be easy because customers usually prefer to engage in business with those who are easy to communicate with. One can even call for this communication method by ensuring the brochures and business site have e-mail address as they can be easily accessible with. As the cost of business email list sending, storing and receiving is very low (if not absolutely free), one should archive and store all business e-mails. This may include sorting and collecting business partners and customers’ links, contacts and e-mails. In case, list is big enough, one can think about using ‘contact management system’ to manage the data.

All in all, one should always stick to the areas of interests of business email lists’ members, and they will notice a quick boost in their sales.

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How Much Time Should You Spend Marketing Your Business?

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How much time you should spend on marketing is a question every business owner needs to answer. The tricky part is there is no one-size-fits-all answer.

Your Message

One definite is to make sure that all of your business information is clear, concise and focuses more on your clients or customers needs than on your biography. You need a website (that’s not optional) so make sure you present yourself in a way that interests your prospective clients and includes a call to action. You need to establish a sense of urgency if you want visitors to do more than simply read your copy and move on. If they are going to hit an opt-in button, or are going to email or call, they need a compelling reason to do so. Make it clear how you’re going to help your customers, why they need you and why they need you – now! If you’re not a good copywriter, hire one. But make sure that the copy reflects who you are, not who the copywriter is. Know your market and focus on speaking directly to that market and its needs.


Create a good networking and support system. If you can get others to recommend you, or point prospects in your direction, that makes life much easier. But actively networking can take time and money. If you are spending hours driving to and attending networking events start to measure how much money they are bringing in. People often confuse activity with productivity. That can be a dangerous trap. Some people also use networking as a substitute for a social life. Be clear on why you’re networking, if it’s paying off and, if not, how you can modify your approach.

Various Marketing Options

Those are your basics, now comes the harder decisions. What type of marketing should you do and how long should you spend on the process? To come up with the right formula for you and your business, you need to define what goals and business objectives you want to accomplish. The answer is going to be different depending on if you’re launching a new business, introducing a new product, or launching a campaign to reach a different market. The one constant in this formula is that for a marketing campaign to be effective, it needs to be consistent. Marketing does not work like a fire sale; it is not a quick fix. It takes time, effort and consistency.

Marketing Budget

Develop a marketing budget based on your needs, time and resources. If you can outsource and hire professionals to run your marketing campaign, do so. If you’re on a shoestring budget and need to wear the marketing hat, along with all of the other business hats, spend some time and money on a good marketing consultant and set up a program that is effective and realistic. Remember your job is to run your business; spending 75% of your time on marketing is not the wisest use of your time.

Maximize your marketing by creating a synergistic marketing program. Spending all of your budget on a one-time ad or commercial is not a marketing plan, but a Vegas style gamble. If you’re working on a tight budget, consider a marketing mix that includes public relations, social media, and blogging. These approaches reinforce one another. You can place an article you were featured in on Facebook and post your newest blog on Twitter. Done correctly, the sum is greater than its parts and in time you can create an effective inbound marketing machine.


That still begs the question how much of your time should you spend marketing. There is no one answer, but you can come up with a basic formula. When you launch a business chances are your going to have more time than clients. That’s okay, that’s the nature of a start up. Use that bulk of your time to market. Write articles about your business and your company, blog, develop a presence on social media sites; pitch yourself and your company to the local and national media. As your company begins to take off, keep the marketing in high gear, but start hiring professionals to do many of the jobs you were doing. Hire a copyrighter, a PR firm, a social media expert. Pretty soon you’ll be overseeing your marketing but not running it all on your own. That is a sure sign that you’re headed in the right direction. Approach marketing as an essential. Err on the side of marketing more rather than less. It will pay off in the long run

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Top Home Based Businesses and Marketing Secrets That Can Make You More Money

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Leads Lists

As anyone in network marketing already knows, keeping a hot and up to date leads list is by far the most difficult task regarding home based businesses. In order to earn money fast enough to support yourself and your business, there are a few marketing secrets I’ll share with you here.

Top Tier Approach

More and more people are turning to the Top Tier approach to network marketing. By funneling resources into getting new customers as opposed to new reps, your money and time are freed up to focus more on the actual marketing. These types of home based businesses can greatly improve your financial success.

5 Ways to Finding New Customers

1. Direct mailing campaigns are regaining popularity. Although it can be somewhat costly, purchasing a targeted mailing list of your desired demographic can be a fantastic way to uncover new leads. Keep in mind the costs include the mailing list, the printing of the mailer, and the actual postage.

2. Advertising in local newspapers and magazines is a tried and true method. Be prepared to run your ad for awhile before getting any responses. Spend your money wisely but avoid the free papers which rarely bring any new business and can leave you feeling frustrated. If you are really cash-strapped, consider a classified ad instead.

3. Locate a trusted vender and purchase a leads list from them. Anyone in your upline has probably already done so and can give you the names of reputable venders. A little more expensive than generating your own list, this is a great way for a beginner to get a much-needed boost.

4. Online advertising can be an excellent way to market your business or services. Banner ads can be purchased from online magazines that are related to your niche. Search engines offer pay per click advertising programs that you can also use to target your potential leads.

5. There are tons of online directories each dealing with a specific niche market. Do a little digging and find ones to submit your site with. This can help you find direct leads and it also creates some good backlinks.


The key to any success is balance. Before taking on any home based businesses marketing methods, figure out what your overall advertising budget is and balance that against the most effective methods. Balance your money, time and results to optimize your efforts.

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Reasons Why Network Marketing is a Big Hit

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Why is it that a lot of companies are using network marketing now as the chosen marketing approach? The answer is that network based marketing is more efficient since these companies do not spend much for marketing, do not distribute sales only until a sale is done and the product is directly delivered. Compared to the traditional marketing schemes wherein companies spend a lot on advertising, network marketing requires minimum costs for advertising and most of the times, even none at all.

According to Charles Givens of the book ‘Wealth Without Risk,’ about 80% of the delivery costs today is due to advertising and marketing expenses. Replacing such expenses in networking with sales commissions for individual representatives who does the marketing and the direct sales, network advertising has created efficient ways of promoting labor and allotting more financial gains for labor than in advertising or marketing.

Also the best selling author of ‘The Popcorn Report,’ Faith Popcorn, distinguished networking as a reason to the increasing societal trends that drive success among network marketers. In an essence this home based business strategy is an effective way to keeping consumers at home, believing that they can avoid crowded traffic jams and malls and providing the convenience of direct delivery of products. This phenomenon is what Network Marketing all about, according to the Advertising Age magazine. It is powerful enough to persuade people to doing things the easy way, a strategy that fueled the networking schemes as it grows today from strength to strength.

With the ever-changing world today that exhibited less financial security in traditional corporate structures and career paths, network marketing approach has been a big hit. It depicts a promise of employment to the people now that America has been reported to have people losing over 3,100 jobs a day due to downsizing and the automation of businesses or technological advances in various industries. Such has become the answer to the aftermath of having 47% of the Fortune 500 companies inoperable since the 1980. Thus, network marketing filled the need for more than 5 million jobs yearly. It has presented an offer for people to support their needs without the troubles of employment or regular work and encouraged business ideas come to life. By reckoning the commissions and increasing financial returns, this strategy has long survived up to the present times.

Doing this home based business has also allowed people to gain financial cushion and security. It has been the people’s resort to having an assured residual income without facing employment issues of working for a boss or working with another colleague. A recent survey facilitated by the Wall Street Journal supports this fact. The survey results showed that 80% of the work force wants to have their own businesses and 40% of them want opportunities of working at home. This is what network marketing is all focused on – to provide a condition that is most likely preferred by the workforce. In such ways this home based business has become a big hit in the marketplace.

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Social Media Marketing Productivity

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Have you fallen in to the social media trap? Internet marketers are constantly looking for ways to stretch their advertising dollars. For that reason, social media has become a favorite among both seasoned and new entrepreneurs. But, if one is not careful, it is too easy to get trapped into what I call the “social media black hole”; being drawn by the social aspect of it all and wasting hours and hours on social media sites without producing any real results. I believe I can help! Here are some tools to help improve your social media marketing productivity.

The Twitter “yellow pages”. Twellow allows you to find people based on specific keywords and tags. The tool allows you to follow people right from the application, without having to visit your Twitter page. It also shows you who you are already following and who is following you back!
This is a software you download directly onto your computer and which you can access without actually opening your browser. TweetDeck allows you to manage most of your social media accounts from one single location. You can customize the column views and add columns that feed directly from your Facebook newsfeed or your Twitter mentions and Direct Messages. You can also add and schedule updates to all the sites you have linked to your TweetDeck account without having to visit each one individually.
Perhaps the most comprehensive tool for managing social media accounts, Social Oomph allows you to manage several accounts from one convenient location. Not only can you schedule updates, but this service allows you to automate and rotate recurring updates (such as welcome messages). It also give you the option of managing your friends/followers lists and purge direct messages right from this site.
This IS a paid download, but it is worth the money if you are serious about increasing your productivity, particularly on Twitter. The reason I recommend this tool so highly is because it significantly simplifies the most tedious process on Twitter which is unfollowing those who are not following you. So, it is definitely worth checking out.
Using these tools, while some will require a bit of an investment, will help you expedite and automate some of the most time consuming, tedious, and potentially distracting aspects of working with social media. The end result will be a noticeable increase in your social media marketing productivity.

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Forex Market Behaviour – Introduction

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Often Forex traders purchase a forex trading technique or system without fully understanding the market behaviour on which the system is based. In this discussion about market behaviour we will be looking at forex market behaviour which can be used as a strong basis for the design of highly effective and profitable forex trading techniques.

It is important to make a strong distinction between a forex market behaviour pattern and the forex trading technique used to take advantage of that particular market behaviour. Many traders are confused by this. They forget that the technique they are using is particular to specific market behaviour and they try to use their forex technique in any market conditions.

Some examples of these market behaviour patterns are:

· Weekend Gaps: The Friday close price is seldom the same as the opening price on a Monday.
· Specific Time of day movements: Many daily events such as the opening and closing of certain financial markets cause short term trends
· The tendency for the market to move in waves and Zig Zag movements: The price generally moves in up down movements and only occasionally in a straight path.
· The habit of the Forex market to make high volatility moves. Many events cause high volatility moves in the market – from a support or resistance violation to a dramatic economic announcement.
· The habit of currencies to react to the movements of other currencies. Certain currencies are highly correlated and travel in the same or completely opposite direction.
· The fact that a currency trends in different directions at the same time based on the timeframe used. When using different timeframes to trade, the trend often appears to be going in opposite directions.
· The tendency for currencies to build horizontal and non horizontal support and resistance areas. It is a well known fact that currencies trade between support and resistance areas.
· The habit of currencies to revisit certain price levels over and over again. When viewing a trading chart one will see many examples of currency prices revisiting the same price level over and over again.
· The habit of currencies to make small retracements even when trending. Even when trending the price moves up and down on its way to higher price levels.

Most technical analysis techniques have been developed in stock market conditions using long term approach to trading. The periods covered could be weeks or even years. Therefore when using technical analysis in a day trading environment, a trader should take all of the above market behaviour patterns into account as they could all occur in the same day. Sound knowledge of these behaviour patterns and technical analysis techniques on how to take advantage of them, are therefore essential components of any online Forex traders trading arsenal.

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